Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The space between.

I've had this saying floating in my head for years. We seek out so much from those in our lives. Maybe it's something we crave, maybe something we believe we lack, maybe it's simple comfort. What ever it is, most of the time it's hidden because we don't take time to really think about why we seek out others to fulfill parts of ourselves. Looking at the space between is just as important as looking at the big picture.

All raindrops have a little bit of rainbow.

I have been fascinated lately by rainbows, as you can probably tell by previous entries. I love the idea that even in our sadness there is something stunning and full of brightness. Symbolically, rainbows are joy and rain is sadness. But if you get down to thinking about it, they are really so linked. The greatest joys can be tinged in sadness, the worst events may have something good some where, we just have to look for what that is. They are all opposites that make up the great design of this world.

The truth will rise to the surface.

In doing this blog I've been drawn to the idea of "truth". I think about this a lot. The other day I kept hearing myself say (in m head) "all truth is beautiful". I thought, even the things we don't want to see, all of it is beautiful because it all leads to knowing ourselves better. Maybe this saying has more to do with the sense of hope that I have, my belief that if I must simply try everyday to accept all of who I am and those thing in my life that I can't change. Through acceptance we allow the truth to emerge.

Everything big starts small.

When I write things that inspire me I start with a simple idea that resonates then I usually begin with a sentence of some sort and I play with how the words are formed, how the letters connect and relationships I see with the abstract shapes. When I wrote this piece I had started with the idea "the greatest things start from nothing". I kept thinking, what do I want to say can I say it much more concisely? As I played with the idea I realized how simple this idea was. How everything we take a chance on has to begin somewhere, with some germ of goodness. Small steps are surely symbolic of the faith we have in ourselves. They are a testament to the courage we have in our dreams.