Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your voice is your song, sing with your heart.

I figured since I started with my story about the crane, maybe I should continue with birds. I have been looking and thinking about birds a lot lately. One aspect of birds I find fascinating is a bird's song. A bird's song is like our voice in so many ways. Our voices are all so different. We have to listen very carefully to really hear what others say. We lead our lives by choosing our own songs, choosing the words and actions that define us. I guess for me, I strive to let my heart lead me. It can be hard to do that though. So many times I need to catch myself. The pain of the past can force me into a corner. But when I experience those beautiful moments when I am able to let my heart lead me, not my pain, I find great solace and relief. I only hope I can continue to see how much better I feel when I live with an awareness of the song I am singing.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautiful truths blog

One morning I went walking my dog by a small pond nearby my home. It was one of my usual walks except on this spring morning, to my surprise, there right in front of me, I saw a beautiful blue heron. I stopped and watched it for a about a minute but then I stepped back and walked the other way so my dog would not see it as she approached. As I turned to look back, within seconds it was gone, with out a sound. I was stunned. It flew off so fast, with out even the slightest sound of flapping wings. As I continued on my walk I thought about how many beautiful insights pass through our brains with out us ever really noticing. Those nuggets of wisdom that like the heron, are both fleeting and beautiful at the same time.

That morning on my way home, I began to think about a new blog. I thought that I could create a place where I could collect all the beautiful insights that inspire me. I hope to make this blog a place for those images and phrases that speak to something very deep within me.

To be honest, I’m not really sure how this will exactly take shape. All I know is that I want to explore colors, patterns, textures, symbols, letter forms, type ect…all the things I use as an artist to translate an idea into an image. I also want to explore my own process; how I create things and how my ideas find their way onto the page.

Finally, I'd like to connect with others. I welcome comments, emails ect…sharing is one of the best part of blogging, finding others out there who feel the same way and appreciate your efforts.

I truly hope you enjoy!

-maria carluccio