Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your voice is your song, sing with your heart.

I figured since I started with my story about the crane, maybe I should continue with birds. I have been looking and thinking about birds a lot lately. One aspect of birds I find fascinating is a bird's song. A bird's song is like our voice in so many ways. Our voices are all so different. We have to listen very carefully to really hear what others say. We lead our lives by choosing our own songs, choosing the words and actions that define us. I guess for me, I strive to let my heart lead me. It can be hard to do that though. So many times I need to catch myself. The pain of the past can force me into a corner. But when I experience those beautiful moments when I am able to let my heart lead me, not my pain, I find great solace and relief. I only hope I can continue to see how much better I feel when I live with an awareness of the song I am singing.

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