Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dreams start with a seed

I always seem to come back to the image of a tree when I think about the idea of having dreams and having hope. I am in awe of trees, for many reasons. First, I love how the roots of the tree are so similar to the design of  the branches and leaves as well. The leaf's center branches out from the main center vein, the trunk to smaller limbs. The roots dig deeper into the earth the same way the branches reach toward the sky. Seeing these connections reminds me that our dreams make their way in the same manner. We build our center strong, then we can begin to reach out, edging day by day, closer to hope.


I love to swim and I always think I feel so good after I swim because I am able to get back to more of a rhythmic kind of breath. When we experiment with our breathing then we can see that there is space to play there. There is space to extend, space to condense, space to exhale, space to inhale. We see that it's possible to use our breath to create whatever kind of breath we desire. Once we see that breath is just a tool to a deeper place within, then we're really on to something, then we can really listen to what the breath is trying to say.