Friday, January 17, 2014

There are a million shades of grace

I love to think about emotions in terms of colors. Sometimes we feel love and it’s red other times we feel love and it pale blue. I began to think about how everything we experience has color and that colors change through time. They change through how we change as well. One day I began to cut up some piece of artwork that I didn’t like. “Cut them up, let them go, and see what new things you can find”, I told myself. It was freeing to do that. To look at each piece simply for it’s color and not for how it fit into the whole image. As I cut I began to see connections of color, and then I began to hear words that would represent parts of myself, parts I am constantly struggling with. I found that the pieces fit in so many arrangements and they all seemed OK. There was a rhythm to it in a way, a rhythm that made it all work fine. This act of arranging and re arranging reminded me that sometimes we need to take the “remaining pieces” of ourselves, and find a new ways to make them fit. It’s the act of moving the pieces around where we discover a million shades of grace.
*I would recommend this exercise for anyone. Take a number of pieces of your old artwork, the ones you don’t care for. Chop them up into shapes and put it back to together in a new arrangement. See how you can redefine things. Where does it lead you? 

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